Article Submission List

46. thewhir.com
47. articlecity.com
48. articlebiz.com
49. bukisa.com
50. amazines.com
51. prolinkdirectory.com
52. webwire.com
53. ukinternetdirectory.net
54. pusha.se
55. earticlesonline.com
56. articlealley.com
57. ezinemark.com
58. articleslash.net
59. streetarticles.com
60. easy-articles.com

Article submission today

Much to the astonishment of many article accommodation is as yet perfectly healthy. Albeit numerous who do SEO trust article composing has been struck down it was just a specific kind of article composing that got hit – low quality.

Article locales like Wikipedia and eHow were never contacted. Clearly, their data was firmly controlled on the grounds that no examples could be seen in their writings. Pages connected to numerous sources (or didn’t interface by any means). When they positioned in the query items web clients carried on decidedly.

These sorts of article locales proceed with today and article accommodation is a piece of what they invite. Anyway now, as at that point, you must have something genuinely of incentive to state with a specific end goal to have content acknowledged.

Article sites with ‘no follow’ links.

To dishearten spammers many article locales stamp their connections ‘no pursue’. They advise the web indexes not to pass any connection juice from their website to the connected webpage. Anyway, this does not mean web crawlers absolutely disregard the connection, rather some essentially accept it as a factor.

So on the off chance that you have a connection to your site from Wikipedia Google gives you brownie focuses, however, the brownie focuses are not figured in view of the specialist of that specific Wikipedia page, they are doled out just in light of the fact that you have the connection.

This perception isn’t all around acknowledged inside the SEO people group yet I have seen it work on numerous occasions. It makes consummate rationale from a presence of mind perspective. On the off chance that you were building a web crawler wouldn’t you consider a connection from a webpage like Wikipedia as a positive factor?

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